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Everything You Need to Know: Recycling, Trash and More

Presenting, “The Ultimate Waste Disposal Guide for St. Louis City Residents!” This guide is designed to help you easily find the information you need when it comes to how the City’s waste services work.  It’s packed with information from recycling and trash to yard waste and bulk pickup and more!  Print this guide (two-sided, of […]

Why Plastic Bags Are Bad For Your Blue Bin

The City of St. Louis does NOT accept plastic bags or plastic film for recycling, even if they are marked with recycling arrows or a plastic resin number.   Why Can’t I Put Them In My Blue Bin? In St. Louis, recycling is really easy because we can mix all of our recyclables together in […]

How Recycling Helps Our Local Economy

Small Steps.  BIG Economic Impact. When it’s cold and snowy or hot and muggy and you head out to the alley with your week’s worth of bottles, cans, paper and cardboard, you may ask yourself, “Should I really take those few extra steps to get to the recycling dumpster?”  Or, “Does it really make that […]

Plastic Bag Problems

While they may be cheap and convenient, plastic bags cause a number of problems for people, wildlife and our environment.  These are just a few of the biggest reasons you should consider saying #ByeToBags. Environmental Hazard Plastic bags easily blow out of trash cans and into trees, drains, rivers and oceans. They can clog gutters […]

What Do The Symbols On My Plastics Mean?

When you see the recycling symbol with the chasing arrows, you may think it means you can recycle that item no matter what.  But those arrows can be deceiving.  Just because your bottle has the recycling symbol on it, doesn’t necessarily mean it can go in your blue bin.  (Graphic courtesy of online restaurant supply […]