Lending Library

Saint Louis City Recycles has a number of environmental books for young readers that teachers, parents and guardians can borrow at anytime. Below is a list of the books we have available in our Lending Library. If you are interested in borrowing a book or two please fill out our Request Form.

Book Title Author Age/Grade Summary
50 More Things You Can Do To Save The Earth The Earthworks Group Teen+ Non-fiction. Detailed step-guided ideas to help people become environmentally active in their communities.
50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth The Earthworks Group Teen+ Non-fiction. Guide explaining 50 steps an individual can implement to help improve the environment.
A River Ran Wild Lynne Cherry Age 6-9 Non-fiction. An environmental history of the Nashua River, from its discovery by Indians through the pollution years of the Industrial Revolution to the cleanup that revitalized it.
Amazing Carbon Footprint Facts Michael Dutton Child Coloring book. Presents facts about consumption, waste and recycling while coloring. Offers a realistic view of how our actions affect the planet and what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.
Beetle Bop Denise Fleming Young child Fiction. Illustrations and rhyming text reveal the great variety of beetles and their characteristics.
Beyond Ecophobia David Sobel Teen+ Non-fiction. Offers educational ideas and strategies for cultivating the ability to learn from and respond to experience in nature.
Borrowed Time Carole O. Bell, Betsy Loring Late childhood/teen + Workbook. Information and facts involving landfills and the trash that goes into them. Complete with resource and worksheet pages.
Box Bonanza Imogene Forte K-4 Non-fiction. Guide to reusing boxes of all sizes to create fun and imaginative creations.
Composting Matters Environmental Hazards Management Group Young child Activity book. Introduces young children to environmental issues affecting daily life through the use of activities.
Conservation I Can Do Missouri Department of Conservation Young child Activity book.
Crickwing Janell Cannon Age 6-9 Fiction. Story of a cockroach with a cricked wing that makes friends with leafcutter ants, and saves them after initially causing them much grief. Also contains facts about ants and cockroaches.
Diary of a Worm Doreen Cronin Young child Fiction. Explains what worms do and why through the life of a young worm.
Dive: True Dumpster Tales Dan Cross Child + Non-fiction. Written in a cartoon format, the story of a college professor that recycles items that he finds in dumpsters.
Dot & Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery Ellen Stoll Walsh Age 3-7 Fiction. Mouse detectives try to solve the mystery of disappearing insects.
Earth Book For Kids Linda Schwartz Child+ Non-fiction. Interactive. Fact based guide for families/teachers to help kids become better acquainted with their environment and learn how to care for it. Contains creative ideas and activities.
Ecology Mary Ellen Sterling Child + Teacher’s Manual. Provides lesson ideas, information, and activities for teachers to use with intermediate level students on the topic of ecology.
Garbage and Recycling: Environmental facts and Experiments Rosie Harlow, Sally Morgan Child + Non-fiction. Fact-based guide on different things that can be recycled and the possible things that they can be recycled into. Also discusses proper disposal of items, and how nature recycles.
Hands Around the World Susan Milord Child Non-fiction. Invites children to embrace the daily lives of children around the world, breaking down stereotypes by exploring the realities of our similarities and differences.
Hands-On Nature Vermont Institute of Natural Science Teen+ Teacher’s Manual. Provides information and activities to assist educators and parents in exploring the local environment with children.
Here Comes the Recycling Truck! Meyer Seltzer Child Non-fiction. Follows the driver of a recycling truck through her pickups, and to the recycling center where items are prepared for recycling.
Household Ecoteam Workbook David Gershon, Robert Gilman Teen+ Workbook/Guide. Six-month program to help bring a household into environmental balance. Broken down into six sets of actions to be implemented by one set a month.
Hurry! Harry Hartwick Child Fiction. A young boy meets a stranger who has an unusual animal called a farivox, maybe the last of its kind, and becomes determined to buy it.
I Love Bugs! Philemon Sturges Young child Fiction. A young boy identifies different kinds of bugs and what they do.
I Want to be an Environmentalist Catherine O’Neill Grace Late childhood/teen + Non-fiction. Describes career opportunities within the field of environmentalism and ways to pursue them.
If a Tree Could Talk Rozanne Lanczak Williams Young child Fiction. Young children environmentalism through rhyme.
In My Neighborhood: Garbage Collectors Paulette Bourgeois Child Fiction. Introduces children to the job done by garbage collectors by blending facts into an entertaining story. Explains the path of garbage from pickup to landfill, and gives ways to reduce or reuse garbage.
Insectlopedia Douglas Florian Age 5-8 Poetry. Presents 21 short poems about insects.
Interest Projects for Girls 11-17 Girl Scouts of the USA Age 11-17 Guidebook. Life skills for specific areas of interest are discussed.
Jabuti the Tortoise Gerald McDermott Age 4-8 Fiction. Vulture is jealous of the witty Jabuti, a tortoise, because of his beautiful song. Vulture offers to give Jubuti a ride to play for the King of Heaven, but drops him to the forest floor along the way. Jubuti gets the last laugh though.
Kids’ Crazy Art Concoctions Jill Frankel Hauser 4+ Activity book. Arts and crafts activities for kids.
Kids’ Party Games and Activities Penny Warner For 2-12 Non-fiction. Parent guide for exciting things to do at parties for children ages 2-12.
Like a Windy Day Frank & Devin Asch Young child Fiction. A young girl discovers all the things the wind can do by playing and dancing around with it.
Likeable Recyclables Linda Schwartz Child Non-fiction. Interactive. Contains array of fun-filled ways to recycle discarded items into toys, games, and art. Provides kids with ways and reasons to recycle.
Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs Douglas Florian Age 5-10 Poetry. A collection of humorous poems about reptiles and amphibians.
Long Live Earth Meighan Morrison Young child Fiction. Reflective tale looks at what people have done to our planet while carrying a message of hope through rhyme.
My Earth Book Linda Schwartz 6+ Interactive workbook. Activities on a wide range of environmental topics for children.
Native Plant Stories Michael J. Caduto, Joseph Bruchac Late childhood/teen + Fiction. Short stories that promote responsible stewardship toward all living things, drawing upon legends from eighteen different Native American Tribes.
Oddhopper Opera Kurt Cyrus Age 5-10 Poetry. Poems about the activities of a variety of different bugs which flourish in a garden from early spring to late fall.
Oodles of Animals Lois Ehlert Young child Identifying animals and their traits through rhyme.
Rachel Amy Ehrlich Age 5-8 Non-fiction. Brief biography of ecologist Rachel Carson.
Rain Forest Edupress Child Coloring Book. Children learn of animals in the rain forest while coloring. Also contains a bonus activities guide.
Recycle That! Fay Robinson Young child Non-fiction. Brief overview of where trash comes from and where it goes. Transitions to what can be recycled and how that process works.
Recycle! Gail Gibbons Child Non-fiction. Behind the scenes look at the process of recycling with facts about garbage, and environmental cleanup tips.
Recycling Rhonda Lucas Donald Child Non-fiction. Explains ways in which trash and debris is harmful to our environment. Offers ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle and their benefits over dumping.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Rozanne Lanczak Williams Early childhood Song. Very short, simple song.
Regarding the Bees Kate Klise Age 8-12 Fiction. While corresponding with their globetrotting substitute teacher, seventh graders in a middle school nervously prepare for a standardized test.
Regarding the Trees Kate Klise Age 8-12 Fiction. Story told primarily through letters about a middle school principal who wants the schools trees trimmed, but the project runs into all kinds of setbacks.
Save Our Earth The Education Center Late childhood/teen + Teacher’s guide/workbook. Interactive. Manual for teachers offering information and activities related to environmental issues.
Saving Our Animal Friends Susan McGrath Child + Non-fiction. Identifies various animals, discussing where you would find them and what we can do to help them.
Stories in the Land The Orion Society Teen+ Teacher’s handbook. Environmental education incorporating art, science and storytelling as pathways to ecological learning
Stellaluna Janell Cannon Child Fiction. When a little bat gets separated from her mother, she learns a big lesson about friendship in the unlikeliest of places.
Tadpole Rex Kurt Cyrus Young child Fiction. The story of a tadpole that grows into a frog is told through rhyme.
The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle Alison Inches Child Fiction. Story of a plastic bottle, told through his diary, about the journey from the refinery to eventually being recycled into a space suit.
The Complete Guide to Classroom Centers Linda Holliman K-3 Teacher’s Manual. Focuses on providing activities for centers in classrooms. These are areas where hands-on materials and meaningful activities are available for children.
The Curious Naturalist John Mitchell Late childhood/teen + Non-fiction. Offers fascinating facts and folklore about things that occur in nature.
The Earth and I Frank Asch Young Child Fiction. A child explains how he and the Earth dance and sing together, and take turns listening to each other.
The Green Lifestyle Handbook: 1001 Ways You Can Heal the Earth Jeremy Rifkin Teen+ Non-fiction. Comprehensive guide for people to develop a green lifestyle at home. Covers all aspects of life to offer an alternative way of living that will help create a sustainable future for individuals and the planet.
The Prince of Butterflies Bruce Coville 6+ Fiction. When surrounded by thousands of butterflies, an eleven-year-old boy is transformed into one and finds his entire life altered by the experience.
The Recycler’s Handbook The Earthworks Group Late childhood/teen + Non-fiction. Fact based guide on how to make recycling part your everyday life.
The Story of Rachel Carson and the Environmental Movement Leila M. Foster Child + Non-fiction. Describes the life of ecologist Rachel Carson, with an emphasis of her impact on the environmental movement.
The Sun is My Favorite Star Frank Asch Young child Fiction. Celebrates a child’s love of the sun and the ways in which it helps the Earth and life.
The Tale of Pale Male Jeanette Winter Child Non-fiction. The story of two Red-tailed hawks that nested high atop a New York City apartment building, and how their presence got bird lovers to push for changes on how birds are treated in the city by the building owners.
The Tin Forest Helen Ward Young child Fiction. An old man dreams of a lively forest in the middle of a wasteland filled with old scrap metal.
The Tree Trunk Georgia-Pacific Child Activity book. Discusses and uses activities to explore trees and the many things they make.
The Wartville Wizard Don Madden Child Fiction. Story of a town that is being overwhelmed by trash, and the efforts of an old man cleaning it up by recycling.
The Wonderful World of Wigglers Julia Hand Age 5-10 Guidebook. Through the adventures of a worm family, children discover the intricate life of worms and the world in which they live. With hands on activities and projects, children are challenged to solve real-life problems through critical and creative thinking.
The Wump World Bill Peet Child Fiction. The Wumps live in a world all of their own until it is invaded by a humanlike culture and its pollution-creating machines. They are forced to hide underground, but the invaders have over polluted their new home and are forced to vacate the planet. the Wumps are delighted that the invaders have left, but emerge to find that their world has been ruined.
To Be Like the Sun Susan Marie Swanson Young child Fiction. A child reflects on how a small, striped gray seed eventually becomes a sunflower.
Too Much Trash! Fay Robinson Young child Non-fiction. Basic overview of trash and landfills, the environmental hazards that it creates, and how to minimize them.
Trash Unlimited Bev McKay Teen+ Teacher’s guide. Interactive. Manual related to environmental issues providing teachers with lessons and activities for learning and discussion.
Trash! Charlotte Wilcox Child Non-fiction. Examines various methods of garbage disposal, with an emphasis on sanitary landfills. Also discusses alternatives such as mass burn, and recycling.
Trouble on Thunder Mountain Russell Hoban Child Fiction. A mega company flattens a dinosaur family’s mountain to create a plastic theme park, but the family uses faith to overcome and put things right.
Waiting for Wings Lois Ehlert Age 3-7 Explains the formation of a butterfly through rhyme.
We Dream of a World… Pershing Accelerated School in University City, MO Young child Non-fiction. Question and answer formatted book. Fact based questions are given possible solutions by grade school kids.
When Is It Great To Turn Green? Michele Drohan, Caroline M. Levchuck Child+ Non-fiction. Fact-based question and answer format book discussing environmental topics.
Where Does Rubbish Go? Sophy Tahta Young child Non-fiction. Provides facts and information to specific trash related topics.

Recycling Update

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