Plastic Bag Awareness Day


Apr 13, 201910:00 am - 4:00 pm


Recycling organizations and educators have come together and created the Recycle Responsibly campaign! This region-wide education campaign is to help everyone in the St. Louis metro area recycle the proper thing in their recycling bins and keep plastic bags out!

On April 13th, we will be at select grocery stores sharing with residents about this regional recycling campaign.  Our big push for this campaign is to bring awareness that plastic bags are not recyclable in your recycling bin.  We need volunteers to offer store visitors a reusable bag, a Recycle Responsibly flyer and a “Got Your Bags?” window decal as they enter or exit the store.

We are looking to have 2-6 volunteers at each location for each of the weekends, so feel free to recruit a family member or friend too!  Anyone between the ages of 13-17 can volunteer, but adult supervision is required.  There are two volunteer shifts:  10am-1pm and 1-4pm.  To volunteer, at city store location click here.  To volunteer, at county store location click here.

Click here for more information.




Thank You Jerry!

We appreciate your years of service at the Operation Brightside Recycling Center.

We wish you happiness on your next adventure!