Recycling Education Programs

If you are a teacher who is enthusiastic about recycling, you’ve come to the right place!  Saint Louis City Recycles offers classroom recycling presentations and activities to schools located in St. Louis city.

Get A Presentation

Learn About Recycling

We currently offer three educational presentations for various age groups.

  • Dori, Recycling and the Wicked Waste Bin–a short, but exciting puppet show that teaches students why recycling is important and what is recyclable.  Perfect for younger students K-2.
  • Enviroscape–interactive town model that explains the waste stream, where trash goes and how to recycle.  Great for groups of approximately 15 students, grades 3-6.
  • Eek! It Leaks!–a short presentation about landfills and recycling coupled with a hands on activity where students are challenged to build a plastic bag that doesn’t leak. Great for older students 7-12.

Make A Pledge Tree

This is a fun and engaging way to show off your school’s commitment to recycling.  Thanks to a grant from the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District, Saint Louis City Recycles will provide all the materials necessary to make your very own recycling pledge tree.  Display the tree in a highly visible location as a constant reminder to recycle.

Start Recycling Right

  • Ensure your school has arranged for recycling collection and hauling services from a private waste hauler.
  • Make sure each classroom and office has a recycling bin.
  • Develop a plan for collecting the recyclables from classroom bins and transporting them to the exterior recycling container.
  • Invite us to give at least one recycling presentation at your school (see options above).
  • Make a recycling pledge tree and display it in your school (see details above).

Our School Needs Recycling Education