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Metal Food and Beverage Cans: Part I

Aluminum Everything that we use or consume comes from a natural resource which is why it’s so important to dispose of items in the proper bin. Recycling, landfill, yard waste and even compost bins help us divert waste to the proper location based on what we are disposing of. Do you know where we get […]

Recycling Update: 2022

Updated December 6, 2022 If high levels of contamination (i.e. trash) are seen along an alley recycling collection route, those blue dumpsters may be collected with trash dumpsters. To ensure your materials get recycled, you may wish to use a City Recycling Dropoff Location (listed below). These designated recycling bins are on their own route, […]

History of Recycling: Part Two

Welcome to part two of The History of Recycling! “The History of Recycling: Part One” explained what recycling is and how it was prioritized and utilized from 1500 BC until plastic was invented in 1907.  Now, Part Two will explore the changes in recycling as plastic increases in popularity and the environmental movement kicks off […]

How You Can Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

As we enter into another April Earth Month, we might start to reflect back on our consumption and ask ourselves how we can become more sustainable, create less waste and adopt life-long environmentally friendly habits.  This blog post will discuss how small steps right at home can make a BIG impact.  From the bathroom, to […]