Any other recycling resources including downloads, videos, media interviews can found here.  If you have wondered how the recycling get sorted and processed to make new materials, click “Where Does My Recycling Go?” to get the behind the scenes look.  “Close the Loop” provides further steps to reduce your impact and where to buy recycled goods!

Recycle Beyond Your Blue Bin

Have an item you can’t recycle in your Blue Bin, but you don’t know where to recycle it? Visit our database to find a place that can reuse or recycle it!


Get your own electronic copies of flyers and brochures to share with your family and friends.


Watch cool and interesting videos about recycling in St. Louis.


Check out the latest interviews, articles and stories featuring Saint Louis City Recycles.

Close the Loop

Learn how you can close the recycling loop by reducing, reusing, recycling and buying recycled products.

Where Does My Recycling Go?

Learn about what happens after you put your recycling out for collection.

Join Your Neighbors and Pledge to Recycle This Year!

St. Louis residents recycle 61 lbs of material every minute, but we can still do better. Will you help us recycle even more?


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