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More Drop-off Sites Will Increase Clean Recycling in STL

Remember our recent blog about how complicated our recycling system is in St. Louis? You can refresh your memory here: Dearest STL, It’s Time to Reckon with Our Recycling – Q&A Style! Well, it’s time to add another solution to the mix. We are increasing the amount of recycling drop-off locations citywide! Our STL City […]

What Bin? Rate Your Recycling Know How!

Do you know What Bin it goes in? Test your recycling knowledge and then share the details with your friends and neighbors. Give yourself 10 points for every right answer! If you answered BLUE BIN, you are correct! Give yourself 10 points for breaking down those boxes and tossing them in the Blue Bin. Did […]

Back To School Means Creating New Routines

Whether you’re an educator or caretaker, you can include the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Routines are vital to create a safe and consistent before-school experience for most people. But they are difficult to stick with! It is just as important to incorporate responsible reuse of materials and waste reduction for the sake of […]

Free Recycling Resources For You!

Visit our office for free recycling resources or to chat with our Recycling Team about how we can help!

Recycling and Justice? Discover their remarkable connection!

Putting in place smart environmental policy at institutions like governments and schools can make a huge difference in how the most marginalized peoples are impacted by pollution. There is always more we can do as individuals and we must continue working collectively to make big changes!

History of Recycling: Part Two

Welcome to part two of The History of Recycling! “The History of Recycling: Part One” explained what recycling is and how it was prioritized and utilized from 1500 BC until plastic was invented in 1907.  Now, Part Two will explore the changes in recycling as plastic increases in popularity and the environmental movement kicks off […]

History of Recycling: Part One

Recycling can be traced back to the Bronze Age! This blog post will review the history of recycling and how it has changed over time.

How You Can Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

As we enter into another April Earth Month, we might start to reflect back on our consumption and ask ourselves how we can become more sustainable, create less waste and adopt life-long environmentally friendly habits.  This blog post will discuss how small steps right at home can make a BIG impact.  From the bathroom, to […]

Unconventional Ways to Reuse Every Day!

Over 15 ways to reuse common household items and reduce waste!

Paperboard Cans: Recycling Update!

We have a big announcement for St. Louis City Recyclers! When recycling manufactures, communities and sustainable companies work together, the outcome can benefit everyone! The small steps of these individual entities collaborating make a BIG impact! We can now accept paperboard cans! 🤗 Wait, What are Paperboard Cans? Paperboard cans, or sometimes referred to as […]