What Bin? Rate Your Recycling Know How!

Do you know What Bin it goes in? Test your recycling knowledge and then share the details with your friends and neighbors. Give yourself 10 points for every right answer!

  1. Flattened Cardboard: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

If you answered BLUE BIN, you are correct! Give yourself 10 points for breaking down those boxes and tossing them in the Blue Bin. Did you know cardboard can be recycled up to 7 times? Let’s do it!

2. Batteries: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

This one is tricky but if you answered OTHER, you know your waste disposal! Batteries are considered Household Hazardous Waste and must be properly disposed of or they can cause big problems like fires! You can collect them in that kitchen drawer (you know the drawer) and then when you have enough to make a trip, find a place that takes batteries for proper disposal on our database: STLCityRecycles.com/database

3. Plastic Bottles & Containers: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

If you answered BLUE BIN, you are really on a roll! Plastic containers and bottles are recyclable in your Blue Bin. No need to look for that tiny number, just check to make sure it holds its shape as a container or bottle. Remember to put the caps back on and keep your recyclables loose, clean and dry!

4. Snack bags: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

Did you answer TRASH? You got it! Chip bags, granola bar wrappers, and other One-Time-Use Disposables are not recyclable so they have to go to the landfill. Consider buying your snacks in boxes to get more recyclable packaging!

5. Plastic Bags and Film: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

This one is complicated, so I hope you answered OTHER! Plastic bags never go in your Blue Bin. However, they are recyclable at big stores like Schnucks or Target. Check the entryway next time you go to the grocery store and you’ll see a bin to return your plastic bags. Remember: Never bag your recyclables!

6. Metal Food & Beverage Cans: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

If you answered BLUE BIN, you are a whiz at this! Recycling cans is easy and aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Did you know that a can is back on the shelf in 60 days after being recycled? Give yourself another 10 points, smarty pants.

7. Fabric & Clothing: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

Although textiles like fabric & clothing can’t go in the Blue Bin, there are OTHER ways to reuse or recycle them. Check our database to find places to donate or recycle your old clothes. Animal rescue orgs are always looking for sheets and blankets. Contact a local shelter when you upgrade your linens!

8. Paper: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

I knew you’d get this one: BLUE BIN it is! Paper is the original recycled product. Remember to Close the Loop and buy recycled paper products, too. 10 more points for you!

9. Glass Bottles & Jars: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

Another BLUE BIN winner! Fun fact: glass is nearly infinitely recyclable, even after you reuse those jelly jars for lunch portions of your favorite yogurt snack! Can you guess this last one correctly?

10: Food & Beverage Cartons: Blue Bin, Trash or Other?

Tricky, tricky, eh? Nah, you know this! Cartons like those for milk and broth are totally BLUE BIN worthy! Just remember to keep everything loose, clean and dry.

Did you get them all?

Even if you didn’t get 100%, you can tell your friends the answers when they take the quiz and they’ll think you knew all along. Become a Recycling Ambassador and spread the word so we can Recycle Responsibly in St. Louis City!

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  • Carol says:

    Just a couple of questions .. plastic containers, why do the lids need to be on? And in your picture here, the glass containers do not have lids .. are they not recyclable too?

    • Jean Corbett says:

      Thank you for your questions! Lids do not need to be on containers but we recommend putting them back on after you rinse and dry your recyclable containers (plastic, glass or metal) because that way they won’t get lost in the machinery. It just helps get them further along the road to being recycled. If the container holds its shape firmly and is clean and dry, you can put the lid back on and recycle it in your Blue Bin. That goes for plastic, glass, and metal.

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