Recycling Education Programs and Classroom Bins

If you are a teacher or educator who is enthusiastic about recycling, you’ve come to the right place! Saint Louis City Recycles offers recycling education programs that include classroom presentations, activities and even recycling bins to schools located in St. Louis city.

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recycling education programs

As part of our recycling education programs, we currently offer three presentations for various age groups.

  • Presentation and interactive activity on the basics of recycling and where our resources come from. Perfect for younger students K-2.
  • Enviroscape–interactive town model that explains the waste stream, where trash goes and how to recycle.  Great for groups of approximately 25 students, grades 3-6.
  • Eek! It Leaks!–a short presentation about landfills and recycling coupled with a hands on activity where students are challenged to build a plastic bag that doesn’t leak. Great for older students 7-12.

Make A Pledge Tree

This is a fun and engaging way to show off your school’s commitment to recycling. Saint Louis City Recycles will provide all the materials necessary to make your very own recycling pledge tree. Display the tree in a highly visible location as a reminder to recycle responsibly.

Start Recycling Right

Thanks to a grant from the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District, Saint Louis City Recycles is able to provide classroom recycling bins to schools in St. Louis City through Project SHARE. To receive the classroom bins, you’ll need to complete the following:

  • Ensure your school has arranged for recycling collection and hauling services from a private waste hauler.
  • Count how many classrooms and offices will need a recycling bin.
  • Develop a plan for collecting the recyclables from classroom bins and transporting them to the exterior recycling container. Large rollcarts are available for easy transportation from classrooms to recycling dumpster.
  • Invite us to give a recycling presentation at your school (see options above).
  • Make a recycling pledge tree and display it in your school (see details above).
  • Weigh the recycling from one classroom for 4 weeks using our Weight Tracking Chart and we will calculate how much recycling your entire school saves from the landfill.

Request Bins and Recycling Education Programs

Would you like classroom recycling bins or to schedule one of our programs? Use our online form to get started.

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Join Your Neighbors and Pledge to Recycle This Year!

St. Louis residents recycle 61 lbs of material every minute, but we can still do better. Will you help us recycle even more?


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