Bags2Bench Tour: 2021-2022

Presented by OneSTL 🎫

You won’t want to miss this educational, traveling bench! Can you guess what it’s made out of? The traveling bench is making it’s way around St. Louis Metro Area campuses! Premiering in September 2021 at Washington University and traveling around The Lou until May 2022 ending it’s tour at St. Louis Community College – Wildwood. Be sure to catch the bench, take a photo and tag @OneSTL_sustainability!

Why is this traveling bench so cool? 😎

This traveling bench is extra cool because it’s made out of 13,500 recycled plastic bags and wrap mixed with recycled wood fibers! The plastic bags and wrap that we recycle at our local grocery or retail store is turned into several different materials, like this bench and decking materials. These items are recycled through Trex and you can watch a short video on how the materials are recycled into composite deck here!

Wait, plastic bags and wraps aren’t recyclable in the Blue Bin? 🤔

Unfortunately, no. Plastic bags and wrap, when they make their way to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), get wrapped around the gears and stop the sorting process for hours at a time. Plastic bags and wraps that are stretchy when you tug on them and do not hold their shape can be recycled at a local grocery or retail store near you.

What type of plastics are recyclable in the Blue Bin? ♻

The only plastic we accept in our Blue Bins are plastic bottles and containers. These types of plastics typically hold foods or liquids in them, hold their shape and often have a lid. Read our Blog Post, Plastics: What Can We Recycle to answer all your plastics recycling questions! Still have questions? You can email us a picture of your item, message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, leave a comment below or call us 314-772-4646.

Don’t miss the traveling Bags2Bench Tour!
Coming to a campus near you!

Learn more details and facts about the traveling bench here!

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