Dropoff Recycling Sites

Do you live in an apartment building that doesn’t have recycling? Did you move into a new house and have more moving boxes than will fit in your alley recycling dumpster? If so, consider taking your recyclables to a dropoff recycling site. St. Louis city residents have access to 25+ dropoff recycling sites operated by the City’s Refuse Division. The dropoff sites are for residential use only.

Find a dropoff site near you from the list below.

See What Can Be Recycled at the Dropoff Sites

Dropoff Sites

631025Engine House #9814 Labeaume24 hrs / 7 days
631035StreetDelmar (between 14th and 15th Streets)24 hrs / 7 days
631046Engine House #72600 LaSalle (at Jefferson)24 hrs / 7 days
631047Engine House # 11 7th and Shenandoah 24 hrs / 7 days
631065Street13th at Montgomery24 hrs / 7 days
631065Engine House #52123 North Market (at 22nd Street)24 hrs / 7 days
6310619Engine House #173238 Dr. Martin Luther King (at Leonard)24 hrs / 7 days
631065Fire DepartmentSheridan at Elliot24 hrs / 7 days
631075Street13th at Branch24 hrs / 7 days
631073Engine House #81501 Salisbury (at Blair)24 hrs / 7 days
6310916Engine House #314408 Donovan (at Sutherland)24 hrs / 7 days
6310916StreetWherry and Macklind 24 hrs / 7 days
6311111Engine House #236500 Michigan (at Soper)24 hrs / 7 days
6311222Engine House #131400 Shawmut (at Ridge)24 hrs / 7 days
631135StreetNorth Spring at North Market24 hrs / 7 days
6311521Engine House #264520 Margaretta (between Cora and Taylor)24 hrs / 7 days
6311615AlleyAlley West of Roger between Parker and McDonald)24 hrs / 7 days
6311724Engine House #221229 McCausland (at West Park)24 hrs / 7 days
631189Engine House #12910 South Jefferson (at Pestalozzi)24 hrs / 7 days
6311820StreetVirginia at Utah24 hrs / 7 days
6312027Engine House #275435 Partridge (between Harney and Riverview)24 hrs / 7 days
631201StreetUnion at Lillian24 hrs / 7 days
6313924Street Department1900 Hampton at I-44MON-FRI, 6am-6pm
6313910Engine House #355450 Arsenal (at Sublette)24 hrs / 7 days
6311226Crossroads College Prep501 DeBaliviere (parking lot)24 hrs / 7 days

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