I just moved to the city, how do I recycle?

  1. Welcome! If there is an alley behind your home, look for the blue recycling dumpster. This is where you should toss your loose, clean and dry recyclables in at your convenience and close the lid. The dumpster will be emptied once a week. Remember, the City only services private residences.
  2. If there is not an alley behind your home, you should use a blue recycling cart. Toss your loose, clean and dry recyclables in and close the lid. Roll your cart out for pick up on your designated recycling day (find out when that is here).
  3. Feel free to download the “Ultimate Guide to St. Louis City Waste Services.” This guide explains the City’s waste services including recycling.

Join Your Neighbors and Pledge to Recycle This Year!

St. Louis residents recycle 61 lbs of material every minute, but we can still do better. Will you help us recycle even more?


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