Spring Cleaning and Recycling Go Hand in Hand

Spring is in the air! And you know what that means — it’s time for Spring cleaning. But don’t neglect the three R’s as you clean! While it may be too late to reduce since the clutter has already collected around the house, Spring cleaning and recycling or reusing can help make this year’s cleaning process much more environmentally friendly.

Spring is a great time to take stock of these items cluttering up your home and determine what can be repurposed, recycled and donated. Whether you’ve got bulky items on your hands, smaller items or recycling piling up, or both, these resources will help you clean house in a way that’s kinder to the planet.

Can you reuse it?

Before you set it in one of your “get this out of the house ASAP” piles, take a moment to consider the potential of the item. And to help the ideas start flowing, check out these 15 unconventional ways to reuse common household items, like food waste, clothing, and containers.

For example, did you know that a popped rubber tube from a bike tire can be reused as a door draft stopper in a few simple steps? Or that old t-shirts can be used as dish or cleaning rags to help out with all of this Spring cleaning?

If an item can be reused, aim to go that route first before dumping it in the trash or recycling bins. We’d be willing to bet that there’s lots of hidden potential in your Spring cleaning and recycling piles!

Donating items

If the item is new or used but in good shape, you may also be able to donate it. You’ll be helping out another organization and getting rid of your unwanted item — a win-win! Visit our list of organizations that accept donations of common household items to find one that fits your item and needs.

St. Louis City Waste Services

For a quick answer to “what bin should this item go in?”, use our resources on the St. Louis City waste services, which include recycling, trash, yard waste, bulk pick-up, and household hazardous waste. As you’re cleaning up, you’ll want to make sure that you’re disposing of all of your items in the best way.

Recycling Beyond the Blue Bin

But before you decide to throw an item in the trash, check out our Recycling Beyond the Blue Bin search tool to see if there are out-of-the-box recycling options available for the item.

The tool allows you to search through a number of items with recycling potential, such as automotive materials and parts, electronics, metals, textiles and more. Enter your zip code to be directed to locations near you where you can drop off that particular item for recycling.

While it’s a little more work than just trashing unwanted items, when you use the Beyond the Blue Bin search tool, you can make sure that your items, like textiles and electronics, don’t just rot in a landfill but are safely and properly disposed of to be reused or recycled.

We told you that Spring cleaning and recycling can go hand in hand! We hope these tools and resources help you not only in the Spring, but throughout the year as you reuse or dispose of unwanted items around your home.

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