America Recycles Day November 15!

America Recycles Day

“America Recycles Day” is celebrating 20 years this year since it was first instated in 1997.  This national initiative was established by Keep America Beautiful to encourage Americans to recycle and buy recycled products.  Many are surprised to find out that America Recycles Day started in the late nineties even though Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970.  Typically, someone’s first encounter with an anti-litter message was through a PSA of a Native American surrounded by pollution and trash as he is floating down a river.  He then turns to the camera with a single tear going down his face.  This sparked thousands of communities to start taking responsibility by initiating recycling programs and cleaning up their communities.

Olivia Waxman’s article gives an overview of how our grandparents/parents generation used everything they bought as a dual purpose.  During the Great Depression, manufacturers marketed products by their multi-purpose uses.  Recycling was created out of necessity to get the most out of materials at that time. Later, in the 1960’s and 70’s, it became the way to process the massive amount of waste being generated.

In America, more than 1 million people are employed in the recycling and reuse industry which is an annual payroll of $37 billion.

Come celebrate with Saint Louis City Recycles on our favorite day of the year!  America Recycles Day is celebrated every November 15th.

Join us at City Hall on Wednesday, November 15th from 8am-2pm to get yourself an in-home recycling bin* for a $1 donation!  We will have our recycling pledge trees on display to showcase every St. Louisan who has pledged to recycle with us.  You will also be able to take the pledge to recycle, spin our Recycling Wheel-O-Fun and receive information materials on what to recycle and why it is important!

*St. Louis City residents only.  While supplies last.


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