Celebrate Recycling, Too!



During the holiday season, most people’s consumption increases.  So, whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or throwing a holiday party, use these tips to ensure your waste gets to the right bin.

  1. Designate a space for recycling.  Everyone knows (or asks) where your trash can is, and they should know where your recycling bin is too.  By placing your recycling bin next to the trash can, guests see your household recycles!   A cardboard box or a paper bag works great if you do not have a recycling bin.  Label as “Recycling” and you can print out our Recycling 101 sheet to hang by the bin so your guests know what to recycle.  Clean up will be a breeze, just toss all the recyclables loose into your blue alley dumpster or rollcart.
  2. Reuse and recycle leftover gift packaging.  Most gift bags, wrapping paper (and tubes), cardboard boxes, paper boxes and tissue paper are recyclable!  Reuse what you can for next year (this is a real cost saver!) and whatever is unusable, toss in your blue recycling bin.  Remember to break down and FLATTEN ALL BOXES to make more room in the recycling dumpster for you and your neighbors…it’s the holiday spirit!
  3. Speaking of spirits.  You and your friends and family might share a few as you celebrate. Remember all bottles, cans and cartons are recyclable and should go in your blue recycling bin.  Give them a quick rinse and toss them in your blue bin!
  4. Kitchens are the epicenter of recycling.  Many of the containers you empty to make those delicious meals are recyclable.  Make sure to rinse the food remnants off your cans, jars and cartons.  Then, just toss them into your blue bin!  Be sure to place a recycling bin near the kitchen prep area for quick access.
  5. Ditch the disposable dinnerware.  Break out the real stuff.  It will help you reduce waste and add a special touch to your party.  No one likes it when their plastic knife breaks as they dig into their holiday meal.
  6. Think about donating.  You may want to get rid of some old things after receiving your gifts.  Before trashing them, try donating.  Click here for some resources.
  7. Recycle that treeDrop off your tree for recycling at one of these City parks: Forest Park, O’Fallon and Carondelet.  Or, put your tree out for your regularly scheduled bulk pickup (find out when your bulk collection is here).  Please DO NOT put trees in the green yard waste dumpsters.
  8. Follow and share.  Finally, have fun and share all of your holiday recycling tips with us on social media!  #GoBlue #RecycleForTheLou #HolidayRecyclingInSTL


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