Earth Month: Small Steps, BIG Impact

At Saint Louis City Recycles, we celebrate Earth Day everyday! While we are continuing to stay distant and keep each other safe, we can still celebrate and learn together! This blog post will highlight ways that we can help you individually, with friends and family or even with your neighbors become the best recyclers and waste reducers possible!

Take the Pledge

Did you know your small steps make a BIG impact? Let us know how you plan to make your small steps add up to a BIG impact by signing our pledge. Take the pledge here to show your dedication to recycling responsibly, lowering your waste and even more!

Stick With the 6!

  1. Paper
  2. Flattened Cardboard
  3. Plastic Bottles & Containers
  4. Glass Bottles & Jars
  5. Metal Food & Beverage Cans
  6. Food & Beverage Cartons

Get Your Supplies to Recycle Responsibly

Did you know that Saint Louis City Recycles has Recycling 101‘s that easily display what we can and cannot recycle in our Blue Bins? In addition, if you or your neighbors need guidance of the waste services of the city, bulk pick up procedures, where to find a drop off location and lots more info, you can also pick up the Ultimate Waste Disposal Guide.

Pick up or download our Recycling 101 as a quick reminder of what we can and cannot recycle.

We also have Recycling 101’s available in Arabic, Bosnian, Mandarin, Spanish and Vietnamese!

Hot off the Press! 📣

Do you share recycling and trash dumpsters with your neighbors in the alley? Do you wish there was an easy-to-read sticker stating what goes in the recycling, what doesn’t and what belongs in the trash dumpsters? We’ve got you covered!

Fill out this quick form to request contactless pickup of your recycling and trash dumpster stickers at our office. Grab your family and/or neighbors and hit the alleys together to make a big difference!

An Earth Day Gift for St. Louis Residents

Now that you know what to recycle, do you have a way to collect your recycling? If not, St. Louis City Residents* can get a FREE 13-gallon in-home recycling bin. Email or call us to schedule your contactless pickup of your FREE** in-home recycling bin! Already have a bin? Pass this along to a friend, family member or new neighbor.

*St. Louis City Residents Only **While supplies last

Email or call to schedule your contactless pickup: or (314) 772-4646

Follow Us on Social Media: @STLCityRecycles
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for #TrashTipTuesday, #WhatNOTToDoWednesday and #FastFactFriday

Additional Resources:

  • What Bin Does It Go In: Recycling, trash, yard waste and bulk pickup information.
  • Recycle Beyond The Blue Bin: Search our database to find places that accept your hard-to-recycle items.
  • Conduct a Waste Audit: See how much waste you are generating and how you can lower the waste you send to the landfill.
  • Saint Louis City Recycles Blog Posts: Read our previous blog posts to get inspiration for how to reduce your waste, reuse items, upcycle and so much more!
  • Get Creative: Download and print out coloring pages thanking our hardworking Refuse workers and the Recycling Ambassadors around the globe!
  • Find a Dropoff Recycling Site: Drop off sites are available for multi family residents who don’t have recycling available to them or if your bin is full.
  • Report a Problem: Contact the Citizen’s Service Bureau with waste service issues (Eg. broken lid, missed collection, illegal dumping etc.)

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