Recycling and Justice? Discover their remarkable connection!

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According to an article in Recycling Today, “Environmental Justice (EJ) generally refers to a governmental response to the disparate environmental and public health impacts of pollution on minority and economically disadvantaged communities.” A city-wide recycling program like the one in St. Louis City is one example of implementing environmental justice policy!

At Saint Louis City Recycles our mission is to ensure every St. Louis City resident has the knowledge, tools and motivation to make reducing, reusing and recycling a part of their daily routine. We are the education and outreach branch of the City of St. Louis recycling program and we are here to help everyone get back on track with Recycling Responsibly after the pandemic service interruptions. Take the pledge to recycle!

To invite us to a community meeting or event, please use this form or get in touch by email or phone. We are happy to provide accurate information about recycling in the City and all the resources needed to help you and your neighbors ensure we are all Recycling Responsibly!

Did you know the City of St. Louis also has programs for its own employees to become expert recyclers? And the City even goes beyond that step to also encourage reusing and reducing waste!

Fact: If all offices in the United States increased the amount of two-sided copying to 60 percent, we would save over 15 million trees, or 890,000 tons of paper a year! (USEPA)

Are you a teacher or youth group worker? We have fantastic programs for you too! After all, we know Whitney Houston had it right when she sang: “The children are our future…teach them well and let them lead the way!”

If you are wondering how to get started with recycling at your school, check out this handy guide and then get in touch to request a presentation and classroom bins. Also sign up for this awesome “Thinking Beyond the 3R’s professional development opportunity this summer with EarthWays Center of the Missouri Botanical Garden!

Putting in place smart environmental policy at institutions like governments and schools can make a huge difference in how the most marginalized peoples are impacted by pollution. Read about how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working toward Environmental Justice at the federal level. There is always more we can do as individuals and we must continue working collectively to make big changes!

Small Steps. BIG IMPACT.

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