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Tips for a Low Waste Party

It’s Party Time:  Tips for a Low Waste Party! The holiday season is upon us, and so are the parties!  Whether you’re hosting a party or attending, we have some ways to help lower your waste generation this holiday season.  From food to kitchenware to leftovers to gifts, we have you covered!   Food Prep:   […]

Plastic Recycling 201: What’s Up With Plastic Recycling

Plastic Recycling 201 “Can we still recycle plastics?”  “What about #6?”  “What do the numbers mean?”  “Styrofoam is marked, doesn’t that make it recyclable?”  People have a lot of questions about plastics and recycling.  Here’s what you need to know. Recycling Simplified Don’t worry about the numbers.  That’s right!  The numbers don’t mean anything to […]

Take Recycling to the Next Level: Precycle!

You may be thinking, “I love to recycle, but I have never heard of ‘precycling’.”  Precycling takes your recycling game to the next level! Simply stated, precycling is when you consider the recyclability of a product before purchasing.  There are a lot of products out there that are packaged in non-recyclable materials.  By considering the […]

The Three R’s of Back to School

The Three R’s of Back to School:  Reduce, Reuse and Redecorate! This time of year is stressful for every parent.  Where do you get school supplies at a reasonable price?  Do you bring the kids with you or leave them with a sitter?  How do you juggle several supply lists?  And don’t forget about their […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica du Maine

  Jessica du Maine has worked with Saint Louis City Recycles on numerous volunteer projects since we started 3 years ago.  We want to recognize Jessica as an outstanding volunteer and model recycler for St. Louis City!  We sat down with Jessica to find out a bit about her and how she became passionate about […]

Moving? Spring Cleaning? Here’s Where To Recycle Household Goods

Moving or Decluttering?  Don’t Trash It! Spring is finally here in St. Louis and that means it’s prime moving and spring cleaning season!  Have you accumulated items over the years you don’t want/need anymore?  As you come and go from St. Louis and beyond, you can move lighter knowing your items didn’t end up in […]

It’s Time For The Recycling Extravaganza!

Do you have a bunch of stuff around the house you’d like to recycle, but it doesn’t go in your Blue Bin?  Bring it all to the Recycling Extravaganza!  Saint Louis City Recycles has partnered with St. Louis Earth Day this year to help bring the recycling collectors to YOU all in ONE location! Where:  […]

Give Up Making Waste!

Now is the perfect time to give up making waste! Now is a great time to work towards being a zero-waste household; some folks are celebrating Lent and Earth Month is approaching!  Zero-waste means moving toward eliminating trash and creating a circular economy by minimizing the amount you send to a landfill. The basics: arm […]

Spotlight: Carver Elementary School

Saint Louis Public School Carver Elementary has made extraordinary efforts to “Reduce their Waste Line”.  Check out their wonderful programs that have made positive results for their school and the planet! In April 2017, Saint Louis City Recycles presented a puppet show to 1st grade students and gave out 30 classroom recycling bins and two […]