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Take the ‘Plastic Free July’ Challenge Anytime!

Plastic is everywhere.  It’s embedded in our consumer culture.  So going ‘plastic free’ can seem overwhelming.  But the good news is that every time you reduce your plastic usage, it has an impact! Why Go Plastic Free? The amount of plastic produced in a year is roughly the same as the entire weight of humanity: […]

6 Ways Saint Louis City Recycles and Brightside St. Louis Can Help You Connect With Nature on World Environment Day

World Environment Day is Monday, June 5th. Canada is the host country this year and the theme is, “I’m With Nature”.  You can see World Environment Day’s website here.  Living in the city can sometimes prove difficult to connect with nature.  Luckily, in St. Louis we have many ways to connect with nature.  If you […]

An Update from the Saint Louis City Recycles Team!

Looking Good in Blue!  Our team has been working hard to give every resident in the City of St. Louis the tools, knowledge and motivation to make reducing, reusing and recycling a part of their daily routine.  Thanks to the St. Louis-Jefferson Solid Waste Management District, Saint Louis City Recycles has reached major milestones in […]

Compost for Earth Month!

Tips & Facts Did you know the leading cause of landfill pollution is methane gas from food decomposition?  Composting reduces those methane emissions. About 30% (by weight) of St. Louis City’s residential trash is food and yard waste. (Most recent MO Waste Composition Study) Composting reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and encourages the production […]

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

    St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and decorating can be fun, but the expense and waste can really add up!  Here are five low waste and low cost St. Patrick’s Day crafts that reduce your waste and saves the gold in your pocket. Shamrock Toilet Paper Roll Stamp This stamp is […]

Love for Recycling is in the Air

  February is the month of love.  To us, the best way to love your family and friends is to love the Earth!  Here are 9 recycling tips after the Valentine’s Day chocolates are all eaten and the flowers have dried up. After all the chocolate is gone, cardboard candy boxes can easily be recycled […]

New Stuff? Old Waste? Don’t Throw it Away–Donate It!

These Organizations Will Pick Up Your Donations During the holiday season, waste increases in all areas:  food, clothing, electronics, furnishings.  This comes at a great cost to our environment and budgets.  Before sending goods to a landfill, get them into a new home for another person to use!  Check out this list of charities.  (This […]

Celebrate Recycling, Too!

  During the holiday season, most people’s consumption increases.  So, whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or throwing a holiday party, use these tips to ensure your waste gets to the right bin. Designate a space for recycling.  Everyone knows (or asks) where your trash can is, and they should know where your recycling bin is […]

Everything You Need to Know: Recycling, Trash and More

Presenting, “The Ultimate Waste Disposal Guide for St. Louis City Residents!” This guide is designed to help you easily find the information you need when it comes to how the City’s waste services work.  It’s packed with information from recycling and trash to yard waste and bulk pickup and more!  Print this guide (two-sided, of […]

Why Plastic Bags Are Bad For Your Blue Bin

The City of St. Louis does NOT accept plastic bags or plastic film for recycling, even if they are marked with recycling arrows or a plastic resin number.   Why Can’t I Put Them In My Blue Bin? In St. Louis, recycling is really easy because we can mix all of our recyclables together in […]